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     In 1780 Abraham Shepherd conveyed one acre to the Elders of the Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church in the northeast corner of what is today Elmwood Cemetery. This is the oldest part of the present cemetery. In 1833 the Methodist Church purchased one-half acre from Jacob Line that abutted the south border of the Presbyterian Grave Yard. Originally, the two cemeteries were separated by a cast iron fence.

      The Southern Soldiers’ Memorial Association formally purchased a “piece of land" from Jacob Line in 1868 which joined the southern boundary of the Methodist Cemetery. This ground was intended as a permanent resting place for Confederate soldiers who were either killed at the Battle of Sharpsburg or died from wounds received there. A total of 114 men, many unknown, are interred here. The cemetery was officially dedicated on Confederate Memorial Day June 5, 1869.

Super House 1880s

     In 1867, ten acres to the south and west of the existing church cemeteries were purchased by several town businessmen and donated to be used as a public cemetery under the guidance of a board of directors. Elmwood Cemetery was officially chartered in 1869 and has served Shepherdstown since.

     Recognizing the need for a full-time person to oversee the cemetery’s care, Elmwood’s Directors called for bids “for the building of a dwelling house at Elmwood Cemetery” on August 6, 1881. Construction began in the fall and was completed by the summer of 1882.

Superintendent’s House circa 1880s

     Over the years, cemetery maintenance has taken precedence over upkeep of the house. As part of the commemoration of Elmwood’s 150th anniversary, the Directors have decided to restore the Superintendent’s House to its 1882 appearance. Phase One of the restoration will focus on replacing the roof and gutters, painting the exterior, and repairing the damaged foundation. It is estimated that Phase One will cost $250,000.

Super House today

Superintendent’s House 2018

     Elmwood Cemetery’s Directors are reaching out to the community for financial assistance. Donations to help restore the Superintendent’s House may be sent to the address listed below. Feel free to contact any Director for additional information. Names and contact information for Directors as well as other information is available on this website.


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