Over the years many tombstones in historic Elmwood Cemetery have begun to lean and in some cases have completely fallen over and are often broken.

The Elwood Cemetery Board is obligated to care for this hallowed ground and is committed to the restoration of each and every tombstone.



This photograph shows the restoration of tombstones in process. Stones which have fallen over or are sinking and off balance are temporarily removed, a new base is poured, and then the stone is leveled up and put back in place. As you can tell from this photograph, this is a very laborious and time consuming.


You can see several stones in the photograph below which have been put back in place. Once work is completed in one area of the cemetery, the restoration process starts all over again in another section. The goal is to restore every stone in need of repair.



You may send financial support for this important effort to:


Elmwood Cemetery
Tombstone Restoration Fund
Post Office Box 561
Shepherdstown, WV 25443


For information on cemetery lots for sale please call 304-876-6352