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CEMETERY LOTS: Most numbered lots in Elmwood Cemetery contain eight grave spaces in two head-to-head rows similar to the following configuration:










Each burial space is four feet wide and ten feet from head to foot, so an eight-space lot is approximately sixteen by twenty feet.  Because of roads, walkways and boundaries, some lots contain fewer than eight burial spaces.  Sales in Elmwood Cemetery are by burial space rather than by lot, so depending on their need, a person may purchase from one to eight spaces in any lot.


PURCHASE OF BURIAL SITES: Burial spaces in Elmwood Cemetery may be purchased at a cost to be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors of Elmwood Cemetery Association, Inc.  All such sales, which grant a right of burial only and do not convey any other right or title to the lot or burial space, shall be recorded in the record books of the cemetery.

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RESTRICTIONS ON RESALE: No person who purchases a lot in Elmwood Cemetery shall sell such unused lot to any buyer without the express, written permission of the Elmwood Cemetery Board of Directors.  The seller of the lot shall surrender to Elmwood Cemetery the original deed and Elmwood Cemetery shall issue a new deed to the purchaser for a fee, the amount of which will be established from time to time by the Board of Directors of Elmwood Cemetery.


USE OF BURIAL SITES: Only the following persons may be buried in Elmwood Cemetery:  (1) The Owner(s) of the lot, grave or burial space as they appear on the record books of Elmwood Cemetery, or (2) Any person designated in writing by the Owner(s) of the lot, grave or burial space as they appear on the record books of Elmwood Cemetery.  Upon receipt of an Order of Distribution by a court having jurisdiction over the estate of a deceased Owner, the Cemetery shall revise its records to reflect ownership of the lot, grave or burial space in accordance with such Order.                                                                                                                               If an Owner dies without having transferred an unused burial space either by a specific devise in the Owner’s will or by a written direction furnished to the Cemetery, any such unused burial site(s) descend(s) to the heirs at law of the Owner in accordance with the laws of descent and distribution of the state in which the Cemetery is located.  Where such transfer of Ownership results in multiple Owners of any burial space, each co-Owner shall have the right to be interred in any burial space of the co-Owners which has not been used at the time of that co-Owner’s death, and the consent of the other co-Owners shall not be required for any such interment; however, no co-Owner may convey an ownership in the burial space, or authorize the interment of anyone other than a co-Owner, without the consent of all other co-Owners of the burial space.


ABOVE-GROUND BURIALS RESTRICTED: The remains of no person shall be buried, interred or entombed in any vault, niche, crypt, columbarium, mausoleum or other structure wholly or partially above the surface of the ground, unless such vault, niche, crypt, columbarium, mausoleum, or other structure meant to accommodate above-ground burials is owned, constructed, managed and maintained solely by Elmwood Cemetery Association, Inc.


INTERMENTS PER GRAVE SITE: Only one person may be buried in a burial space.  However, the ash remains of one person may be interred in a grave wherein lie the remains of only one other person who was an immediate family member or joint owner of the space at the time of initial purchase.


INTERMENT: The cemetery must be provided with at least two days advance notice of the date the interment will be performed.  Generally, requests for interment will be made by the funeral home that is handling arrangements for the deceased.  However, a family member or representative of the deceased can make requests directly to the cemetery for the interment of ash remains.   In all cases, the notification should include the name of the deceased, the name of the lot owner and the lot number.  In addition, if the interment is to occur on a lot containing more than one vacant gravesite, it is the responsibility of the informing party to advise the cemetery which gravesite is to be used.


INTERMENT SITE PREPARATION: All gravesite preparations will be conducted by the caretaker staff of Elmwood Cemetery or other service providers as designated from time to time by the Board of Directors of Elmwood Cemetery.  Site preparations will include the opening of the grave; removal of dirt and rock from the site to allow for interment services; closing the grave site; removal of memorial and service flowers from the sight no sooner than one week following services; filling any areas that may result from settling; and re-seeding of the site.  The Board of Directors of Elmwood Cemetery will set fees for the preparation of the gravesite.