Lieutenant William Henry Hagan



HHagen hagan stone

Born in Braddock Heights, Maryland, Hagan moved to Shepherdstown as a young man and remained there until his death. He enlisted in “Co. F,” 1st Virginia Cavalry on April 18th, 1861. At Bull Run on July 21st, 1861, Hagan “…displayed such courage that Gen. Stuart detailed him on his staff.” Maj. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart detailed certain “characters” to headquarters, among them this “hairy giant.” Reports indicated that after a night of revelry, “… the chief recommended his corporal for promotion to see, he said, if the giant was capable of further swelling, and so the corporal became a lieutenant upon the staff." Hagan was promoted to lieutenant, became a member of Stuart’s escort and aide de camp. Until Stuart’s death Hagan served as Chief of Scouts, and Chief of Couriers. Upon the death of Stuart, Hagan became an aide de camp to Gen. Wade Hampton. After the war, Hagan held several managerial positions in Shepherdstown, including superintendent of the Potomac Cement Mill, until his death in 1895.

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