In her book Historic Shepherdstown, Danske Bedinger Dandridge wrote:

   And now let us turn as a last argument for the early settlement of Shepherdstown, to       the “testimony of the rocks.” And first let me say that tombstones are not traditions,       they are hard facts.

Elmwood Cemetery is operated by a volunteer board of directors. The directors are responsible for protecting and preserving the “testimony of the rocks” of Elmwood Cemetery entrusted to their care. Each member of the board of directors takes this responsibility very seriously.

 When Elmwood Cemetery was established in the 1860’s the original founders felt that the sale of gravesites would be adequate to provide sufficient income to properly maintain the cemetery for years to come. Today all of the original gravesites have been sold. A new section has been opened but the sale of gravesites does not provide income sufficient to maintain the grounds.

 With your generous support, Elmwood’s board is able to manage our short-term operations. We also have a plan for maintaining the cemetery for the future. Our trust fund is growing and our hope is that one day it will generate enough income to operate the cemetery and continue to preserve the “testimony of the rocks.”

 If you would like to assist the Elmwood Cemetery board meet our expenses of mowing grass, trimming, plowing the roads when it snows, and maintaining the caretaker’s house please send your contribution to:


Elmwood Cemetery Association, Inc.
Post Office Box 561
Shepherdstown, West Virginia 25443



Richard H. Brown, President 304-876-6352 richardhbrown@frontier.com
   Sam Donley, Vice President 304-876-2168 samdonley@frontiernet.net
   Wayne Goodrich, Treasurer 304-876-2797 
   Barbara K. Nickell, Secretary 304-876-1669 bknickell@hotmail.com
   Richard Blue, Maintenance 304-876-6352 rblue@frontiernet.net
   Betty Lowe, Grants  304-876-6439 lowebetty@gmail.com
   Dorrene Hale, Cemetery Database 304-725-6140 dhale3@comcast.net
Doug Perks, Historian – Web Site 304-876-2616 perksd@comcast.net